Why Montessori?

Maria Montessori believed that children learn by choosing, trying and doing for themselves.

Within our prepared environment, we encourage children to engage with the routines of living. Using her specifically designed apparatus, many of which are didactic, in a prepared environment, guided by Montessori teachers who constantly observe the children and what they are interested in, leads to a confidence-building approach to learning.

Maria Montessori

As Montessori teachers, we guide the children’s learning by presenting appropriate and stimulating activities, working with the child and following their interests as opposed to dictating their learning. We encourage children to make their own choices, a much- needed life skill and then support them if perhaps they have not made the best choice.

There is a huge emphasis on developing dexterity, balance and appreciation of shapes, colour and sizes. Freedom of movement allows for exploration and learning about their world through sensory experiences. Freedom of choice, within boundaries means children “like what they do”, not, “do what they like”. Children have concrete materials to work with and manipulate and as their knowledge and understanding develops and deepens, only then do they move to a more abstract learning.

What people say...

I have loved doing activities. I love colouring in Owls and I enjoy nursery. Thank you for having me. Love Alba.
Alba aged 4 years
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