Lindsey Griffiths - Nursery Manager

Lindsey Griffiths

Freedom of choice, within boundaries means children “like what they do”, not, “do what they like”.

Shaping their future

We implement a Montessori curriculum based on Maria Montessori’s Philosophy of education and human development alongside the Statutory Framework for the Early Years Foundation Stage.
  • We encourage independent learning, respecting and valuing the children’s choices
  • Children are accepted as individuals and are allowed to develop at their own pace
  • We follow the child and by observing, provide an environment which meets their needs
  • We foster a calm, caring and supportive culture throughout the nursery
  • Learning through play in a happy, relaxed, fun and stimulating environment is encouraged
  • We motivate the children to become confident, competent, creative, life-long learners
  • We value our partnership with our parents/carers
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Montessori and child development

Montessori believed that children pass through “sensitive periods”, a time when they are specifically ripe to learn and acquire certain skills. The Sensitive Periods cover, “Order, Movement, Small objects, Language, Refinement of the Senses and Social aspects”. Children use all 5 senses to learn and make sense of the world around them. By constantly observing the children, the teachers are able to identify when these opportunities arise.

The Montessori method allows children to learn through understanding rather than by being told. We believe that this helps to increase the child’s confidence, build their self esteem and instil a love of learning.

When children are given the freedom to choose, the availability of the specifically designed Montessori materials with which to work and a prepared environment that meets their needs, whilst been guided by a Montessori teacher, the opportunity exists for a learning approach like no other.

Moving on to school

The Meadows Montessori Primary School

Sam Sims

Sam Sims, owner of Willow Park Montessori Day Nursery and The Meadows Montessori Primary School.

We would love for you to consider moving your child onto our Primary School when they have finished their Early Years at Willow Park. Sam Sims, Head Teacher, is also the owner of Willow Park and is passionate about bringing Montessori teaching to all children up to the age of 11. Using the Montessori ethos, we follow each child. We plan for their core subjects individually, and they move along the curriculum at their pace. Right from the beginning in Dragonflies we encourage our children to be independent, not only with life skills, but also with their own learning and journey through the curriculum. Your child is not just a 'pupil' but an important and valued member of our school’s community.  We are proud of the children's academic achievements but know that these only happen when we look after the 'whole child's' needs.  

When your child joins our school, the whole family becomes part of our community.  We look forward to hearing from you! 

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What people say...

“We never had to worry about our girls whilst they were at Willow Park. We knew the children always came first!”
Ant & Alison Malapeau
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