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Owls 3 – 5 years

(All year and term time only)

Our classroom for pre-school children operates under both the Early Years Foundation Stage and the Montessori approach. This enables us to provide a wide range of play-based, learning opportunities whilst encouraging confidence, independence and respect.

We respect all children as individuals with different interests, needs and lives and we value regular communication with every child and family to learn about each child. This allows us to plan experiences to engage them and to understand their specific needs and preferences. We operate under the ‘Key person’ system to help us achieve this and to ensure a special person for each child and family.

Our classroom is a happy and busy place with many fun learning areas including Maths and Problem Solving, Language and Communication, Exercises for Everyday Living (Practical Life), Sensorial, Art and Creativity, Block Play, Role Play, Music and Dance including books, puzzles, messy exploration, and mark making. Children are encouraged to choose freely from these activities and can play individually or in groups and are supported in their play to develop learning and confidence.

The children are given the choice each day to access our outdoor learning environment, which also houses many fun and educational activities designed around the children’s current interests.

We provide breakfast and a home-cooked lunch and tea for those children with us at these times and a healthy fruit snack is also available morning and afternoon. The children are encouraged to prepare their own fruit and serve their own drinks and dinner, which promotes healthy eating as well as independence. There are facilities for the children to sit quietly, rest or sleep- if and when they need to.

We evidence snapshots of your child’s days with us in Owls by writing observations and taking photographs to celebrate achievements and interests and compile these into individual ‘Learning Stories’ for each child and their family.

The Owls’ room has a team of 6 members of staff, all qualified to Level 3 or beyond. We can cater for up to 28 children per session and have a minimum ratio of one qualified member of staff per 8 children.

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