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Hedgehogs 2 – 3 years

(All year)

Within this environment everything conforms to the physical needs of the child, both in the size of the furnishings and in the opportunities for motor development. There is minimal furniture, maximum natural light, selected art placed low on walls and defined spaces to challenge co-ordination of movement.

Children within this room, at this stage of development, will be observing all kinds of important activities going on around them and will then want to do it themselves! They love nothing more than cleaning a table, washing up or preparing snack. We call all of this ‘real work’! The staff in this environment will help the children with all these activities, thus nurturing self-control, and confidence.

As well as these practical activities there are places to experience movement – walking, riding, climbing, and small movements to help hand and eye co-ordination – threading, puzzles, creative time, musical instruments, books and building blocks. There are also many opportunities for language development using animals, people, real objects, cards, books and tape recordings.

All the materials are available on open shelves. The children enjoy the independence of making their own choices and removing and replacing activities from the shelves by themselves.

Everything in the room has a place, a home and here the children have a strong sense of order – they are happy, secure and enjoy having an environment prepared just for them!Truck

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